International Day of Charity

Did you know? The International Day of Charity was introduced five years ago by the UN to increase support for the invaluable work that organisations are engaged with around the world.

With so many great organisation doing fantastic work across so many causes, it’s hard to know who to support and how to do it. So, we thought we’d help. Here’s our list of five super initiatives that you can engage with in different ways:

  1. People, #1h. Support a young person through school with this fun campaign. People has created a salary calculator so that you can see how much you earn in an hour and how it can be used to support a Kenyan child through school.

    If you’re looking for a great cause to support with a quick donation, this is worth a look.
  2. Trestle Trust, Foodbank. Trestle Trust have been supporting people in crisis for 20 years. 13 million people live below the poverty line in the UK and struggle to afford food for their families.

    If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities or a way to make a difference in your community – check them out.
  3. The Refugee Support Network help young refugees, asylum seekers and survivors of trafficking to build more hopeful futures through education. This is a great cause and welcome volunteering opportunities and donation.
  4. Ella’s Home, provides a safe house for women who have experienced sexual exploitation and trafficking. Ella’s Home is a small organisation doing fantastic work. Your financial support will be much appreciated.
  5. Change for Charity is a great little campaign that helps you achieve good whilst clearing out your old foreign change. When you send of your old foreign currency, you receive a certificate back detailing what your generosity has meant for one of the children that they support through school.