personalised and bespoke

Emails offer your business a direct and personalised link to your customers and clients. We can help you craft your messages and point customers to the content or offers that you want to share.

In a world full of noise and competing messages, is yours cutting through?


Feature 1: People. #1hr

We worked with People across their #1hr campaign including developing the concept, producing the promotional video and materials and the email templates. Templates included an introduction, launch, updates and thank you emails. Each email and communication sat within an overarching strategy to engage supporters.

Click on the image to see an enlarged preview.

Feature 2: 12 prays of Christmas

The 12 Prays of Christmas was a campaign developed for SGM Lifewords. We were also involved in producing printed materials including appeal letters, event collateral and fundraising guides.

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Feature 3: Long story short

Long story short is a Lent campaign designed to deliver the arch of the Bible narrative in 12 readings. We worked to to provide the digital identity that was employed on social media platforms and email.

Each email and reading was given a different colour. Click on the image for a lite taster.